Yacht Charters

Istanbul Yacht Charters on the Bosphorus

How would you like to discover the hidden natural beauties of Istanbul with Istanbul Yacht Charter?
You can charter a private yacht to experience away from the crowd.

How Long Should the Yacht Charter Period Be?

If you are a large group, the answer to “How long should the boat rental period be?” should start from at least 2 hours. In fact, if you want to visit the whole Bosphorus, at least 3 hours is required since you want to see the unique beauty of Istanbul when you rent. When you rent, the number of people and the organizational content determine your duration. Because boat rental covers a long period of time where you get together with your loved ones and spend time with food and drinks. For this reason, 1 or 2 hours is not enough time for boat rental. Boat rental is also an organization where swimming tours are held, so you can extend its duration up to 6 or 8 hours. You can also organize different organizations while renting a boat. For this reason, we do not recommend making a boat rental in a short time.

It is very easy to benefit from our yacht charter service in the Bosphorus. Our yachts, which you can rent at any time of the day, are equipped with the latest model. Our yachts and our crew, which fully deserve the name of a luxury yacht, are at your service to make the special days of our valued customers an unforgettable memory.

Yacht Charter Istanbul

We respond to all your organizations, day or night, with our beautiful charter yachts that can cruise silently and listen to the silence of the Bosphorus. You need to reserve your place in advance for yacht tours that we can plan with or without meals. If you wish, you can organize a cocktail in the Bosphorus with a yacht charter, and sip your drink in the glow of the Bosphorus and the moonlight. With yacht charter service in Istanbul, choose the most suitable yacht for your organizations and enjoy the Bosphorus right away.

Hourly Yacht Charter

We have hourly charter yachts at many points in Istanbul. Usually at least 2 hours rental. 3, 4 or 5 hours depends on the program and your demand. In the hourly yacht charter service, if the yacht is called to a point other than the pier, the time spent in transportation is deducted from the rented hour. Or extra difference may be paid. Hourly rentals are made between certain hours by reservation.

Daily Yacht Charter

Daily yacht charter service is mostly used for swimming tours. Boarding starts around 09:00 in the morning and ends at 17:30 in the evening. During this time, the yacht belongs only to you. You can go to the determined points and anchor or visit various points. Since expenses such as captain and fuel are included in the price, the schedule of the daily charter should be determined in advance and the price should be taken. We cannot charter a yacht without a captain. In all charters, our captain and sailor must be on the yacht.

Accommodation and Weekly Yacht Charter

How about a yacht holiday in Istanbul? If you wish, you can rent a yacht with accommodation on our luxury yachts in the comfort of a five-star hotel by renting a weekly yacht for the whole week to evaluate your weekend. You can rent our motor yachts, which can be two cabins, three cabins, four cabins and five cabins, as several couples and stay in separate rooms. All our yachts are equipped with equipment that can meet all your needs such as refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, toilets, showers and stoves. In yacht charters with accommodation, eating and drinking usually belongs to the guest. If you wish, it can be picked up by approaching suitable places during your stay. You can bring it in advance if you wish. We do not have a charter without a captain. During the tour, our staff work to welcome you in the best possible way.

marriage proposal cruise

Your Dream Marriage Proposals on an Opulent Private Yacht

Accompanied by fantastic views and thousands of years of history, Bosphorus is one of the most romantic places in the world to propose to your loved one.

Birthday Cruises: An Unforgettable Party

You will not be able to get enough of the Birthday Party, which has been specially created for you, while watching the entire coastline, regardless of the venue, with the unique view of the Bosphorus.

Bosphorus Sightseeing Cruises: sunset bosphorus

Bosphorus Sightseeing Cruises Between Two Continents

Discover Istanbul’s famous Bosphorus Sttrait with a Sunset Bosphorus Yacht Hire luxury cruise on a private yacht charter! We provide the perfect river cruise sightseeing package with a relaxed setting for a wonderful day or night out on the Bosphorus.

Memorial Cruises

Sunset Bosphorus Yacht Charters take great care in offering guests a personalized Memorial Service cruise in a private, comfortable, and relaxed setting.

Breakfast & Brunch Cruises

Enjoy the sun and the sea without even leaving Istanbul. Join our Spring brunch tours Open buffet brunch and an afternoon coffee & tea break is included to the price. There is a cash bar and a snack bar open for service through out the tour.

Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise and Turkish Night Show

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

With our large capacity and specially designed yachts, you can make your reservation with the yacht and menu of your choice to enjoy the Bosphorus Cruise with Dinner. We pick you up at any time and place you want and you can enjoy it with your loved ones.

Princes’ Islands Cruise

You can plan a tour as a couple or as a group to Adalar, which has never lost its popularity with its lush groves, lovely architecture, coast and beaches and enjoy a special day just for you.

Bosphorus And Black Sea Cruise Long Circle

Explore Istanbul on a full-day cruise along the Bosphorus Strait and the waters of the Black Sea!

Istanbul Lunch Cruise on Private Yacht

With good food and great views, a Bosphorus Lunch Cruise is both relaxing and rather stimulating. While you enjoy a delicious two course lunch we’ll take you on a relaxed mini voyage through the heart of Istanbul.

Bosphorus Sunset Cruise on a Private Yacht

Take in Istanbul’s skyline from the outside viewing area aboard our 25-meter luxury yacht named SUNSET BOSPHORUS, watch the sunset or admire the city lights. Bosphorus Sunset Cruise is the perfect addition to your afternoon or evening.

Corporate Events Istanbul: Add Color to Your Business Life

We have no doubt that you will enjoy your meal accompanied by the unique view of nature while taking a Bosphorus Tour with your colleagues or special guests.

Istanbul Weddings on Luxury Yacht on Bosphorus

A wedding can be the most significant moment in a couple’s life. Bosphorus Tours Istanbul can help you make a beautiful beginning.

Yacht Charter Privilege in the Bosphorus

When it comes to yacht charter service in the Bosphorus, it is the unique bridge views and structures that come to mind. It is a real privilege to witness the glow of the Bosphorus from the sea. Charter yachts in the Bosphorus stand out with their luxury. With the best quality yachts of the Bosphorus, you can take part in many activities while taking a Bosphorus tour in the glow of the Bosphorus day and night. Departure from many suitable piers in the Bosphorus


Yacht Birthday Party

You can celebrate your birthday on our modern yachts. Or you can organize a Yacht Birthday Party for your loved ones. Turn your Birthday into an unforgettable day accompanied by the deep blue sea and sky.

Why Should I Celebrate a Birthday Party on a Yacht?

Are you ready to give your loved ones an unforgettable Birthday Party on a luxury Yacht? Celebrate Birthday on Private Yacht. Get taste the fresh air of the Bosphorus on this special day. Enjoy the privilege of saying hello to your new age with your loved ones with reliable company of Istanbul. First of all, a birthday party on the Bosphorus is a perfect idea to experience emotional moments and then have fun to the fullest. Don’t forget, you can pamper yourself this time too, give your guests a wonderful day on your birthday.

Birthday Party on the Yacht – Plan Unforgettable Nights

All you need for a Yacht Birthday is to call us. It would be to reach our professional company known for its hassle-free services. You can diversify the service as you wish. Get this service where you will spend your day in the best way. Together, plan a special birthday for your lover, family member or spouse. There are also birthday packages available to you. Find yourself in the professional party without tiring yourself for anything. A birthday party on a yacht can sound like an expensive and troublesome business when it comes to life. But thanks to our company’s years of experience and understanding of quality functionality. It promises you to have fun leaving all the problems aside. Let yourself be a partner in a perfect pastime. You can also take advantage of our company’s advantages at the Yacht Birthday events.

Surprise Yacht Birthday Party with Laser and Volcano

First of all, you can reflect the text you want on the bridge with the laser in your birthday organization on the yacht. You can add a wonderful moment to this special day. Then, as the Laser show begins, volcanoes erupt and maximize the fun as you feel special. You can beautify your birthday organization with the volcano show and laser show.

Birthday in the Bosphorus; Luxury Yachts And Restaurant Boats

It will be specially designed for any moment you wish and take on different concepts. However, you can also access cakes, cookies, service staff and DJ performances for the Birthday Party on the Yacht. Our company considers every detail you need for an unforgettable and impressive birthday. That’s why it offers you a completely masterful process at the most affordable price, without withholding professional support. You can contact us as you wish and get a price. Contact us to experience the difference of the Birthday Party on the Yacht and add an extraordinarily beautiful day to your life. Years of experience and our expert team will make you happy with their trouble-free services.

Marriage Proposal on the Yacht

Are you ready to make a Marriage Proposal on the Yacht? About an hour after the start of your organization, we will arrive in front of the magnificent Maiden’s Tower and be ready for your proposal. First of all, your staff will come to you for a marriage proposal on the yacht and say that we are standing in front of the Maiden’s Tower. Then they will say that it is a tradition for couples to take pictures. They will invite you to the front of the yacht.

Now you are at the bow of the yacht, right in front of the fascinating historical texture of the Maiden’s Tower.
Meanwhile, the music you want to be played will rise on the yacht and it’s the perfect moment for you to take off the ring and propose!

Marriage Proposal on a Luxury Yacht

The most important thing for a Yacht Marriage Proposal is that it is unforgettable and flawless. We know that the planned marriage proposal, which has been considered for months, is perfect for your most special day, which is very important for you. We offer you different and suitable alternatives for marriage proposal on a yacht. Your options are as follows, and while you are walking on the beach with your girlfriend, our team surprises you and invites you to the yacht. You then enjoy a romantic dinner at the table decorated with candles.

Marriage Proposal with Laser Show Under the Bosphorus Bridge

Also, prefer a marriage proposal to be made under the Bosphorus Bridge, which connects Europe and Asia. Moreover, it is a unique location to realize your offer that will connect you to each other. For example, when we come under the Bosphorus Bridge, our service personnel will invite you to the bow of the yacht with the excuse of taking pictures. Your special song will start playing at this time. First of all, do not forget to include the Laser Show on the Bridge, which can be watched from both sides, in your offer.

Your and your spouse’s names and your marriage proposal message on the yacht will be reflected on the Bosphorus Bridge. Immortalize this wonderful moment with captured videos and photos. For example, we photograph the moment of marriage proposal accompanied by erupting volcanoes and record it on video. The “yes” answer you will get to your marriage proposal on the yacht! Then, there will be a visual feast thanks to the volcanoes that will be exploded with the remote control. If you want professional shooting and clips for your marriage proposal on the yacht, you can order the services.

Turkey Istanbul Yacht Charters


Afternoon Bosphorus Cruise

Set sail on this epic journey between
Europe and Asia on Istanbul’s beautiful Bosphorus Straight.

Morning Bosphorus Cruise

Stopover on the Asian side and explore Kanlica, which stands in defiance of time, is one of the most beautiful districts in Istanbul.

Nothing is more beautiful or exciting than an event on the water, especially when you are right between in two continents, Europe & Asia on Bosphorus. For any special occasion that requires an unforgettable venue, please contact us by e-mail or via phone about hosting your private party on a luxury yacht on Bosphorus Strait.

We can help you make your event happen at prices you can afford. Let our party planners take care of planning your every wish or ask us to supply you with the many options for catering, entertainment and decor. Find out how easy and affordable a charter cruise can be.

Combining quality dining, superb entertainment and spectacular views from Bosphorus, our unique boat sightseeing and dining cruises capture the excitement of this great city from a truly special perspective.
Gliding past Istanbul’s best-loved sights, BOSPHORUS TOUR ORGANISATIONS cruises are a momentous and memorable way to experience the city.. 

With daily cruise departures from Eminonu and Kabatas Piers, guests are offered two ways hotel and boat transfers included and  a dedicated reception area, easy access to boats, making your experience with us a smooth-running one.

BOSPHORUS TOUR ORGANISATION is privately owned company and sits in Velena Travel.

Services We Offer

Tap into that experience to ensure your event is an outstanding success. We know that everything has to be perfect for your special function. At Bosphorus Tour, we’re committed to doing just that..

Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

Istanbul Bosphorus Sunset Cruise on a Private Yacht. This is the perfect chance for you to photograph the amazing scenery around Istanbul as the sun sets over the city.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Istanbul Dinner Cruise on Private Yacht. Bosphorus Dinner Cruise on a private boat is maybe the most romantic activity among the couples especially.

Lunch Cruise On The Bosphorus

Istanbul Lunch Cruise on Private Yacht. Istanbul Lunch Cruise by private yacht is 5-hour cruise covering both Bosphorus and Black Sea.

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